Dr650 transmission rebuild

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    dr650 transmission rebuild

    Cyclepedia manuals are extremely thorough service and repair manuals covering all components of your Suzuki DR in a focused and logical manner. We have seen a lot of service and repair manuals since and we really like the Cyclepedia DIY motorcycle line.

    Color Wiring Diagrams Included. Specifications section including torque specifications. Quality Paper - not that cheap newspaper like other publishers use. We have been in business since We offer Free Shipping and excellent service. Call us after you purchase to set up the complementary online subscription. Add to Cart. Item Description. The 'Ask a Question' function requires JavaScript.

    Very well put together and very informational worth every penny. Was this rating helpful to you? John verified customer July 26, It is laid out in an easy to follow fashion, and gives detailed values for certain tools needed and torque specifications.

    Nick verified customer October 21, The pictures and instructions are great. Click here to review this product Reviews are subject to approval. About Us.In large gear reducers, parts — such as bearings and gears — can be pricey.

    DR650 Engine / Transmission Rebuild

    Understanding gearbox failures can help mitigate downtime. Gear reducers can be complex machines that apply the science of gearing and mechanical advantage to run thousands of complex operations in many different industries.

    Gearbox manufacturers have designed a variety of gearboxes in multitudes of different configurations and gear ratios. When failures happen it is critical to understand how to repair the failed units and how to prevent future failures in order to keep production up and running. Three things that can cause premature failure are poor lubrication, misalignment and overloading. Failure modes can involve bearing failures or gear failures, or both. Lubrication is critical for both bearing and gear life.

    Important aspects of lubrication are the volume of lubricant that is delivered to each gear mesh and bearings, as well as the properties of the lubricant. The lubricant forms a thin film that prevents metal-to-metal contact between gears and between bearing components. Modern industrial gears use an involute tooth form and tooth engagement, which is a combination of rolling and sliding. The oil film is a thin barrier between moving parts that allows the rotating force to turn the gears easily without damage to the metal surfaces.

    Contamination in the lubricant can result in scuffing and much faster wear for both the bearings and the gearing in a gearbox, so it is imperative that maintenance mechanics check gearbox lubricant for contamination periodically, once for year as a minimum. Each gearbox would have a recommended oil level as well as a method to lubricate both the bearings and the gear set.

    With bath lubrication, all moving components dip down below the oil level. With splash lubrication, oil is splashed around inside the gearbox housing by fast moving components, covering all moving parts. With pressure lubrication, oil is pumped to each gear mesh and bearing through spray nozzles or oil passages from the gearbox oil sump or from and external reservoir.

    Gears are designed to mesh with either parallel or right angle shafts and with a specific backlash between gear teeth.

    dr650 transmission rebuild

    The alignment of the gears in the gearbox housing is critical, and assessment of the alignment of the gearbox housing bores is very important when a rebuild is being done.

    In mining applications, where gear reducers are in heavily loaded applications, we sometimes see firsthand that reducer housings can get distorted or bent.

    dr650 transmission rebuild

    Even a small amount of misalignment can cause premature gear wear and failure.Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by KingNov 18, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Wrong oil in my DR???? Joined: Sep 12, Oddometer: I had read in the DR thread that you dont need to run motorcycle specific oil but regular car engine oil would work.

    Well I replaced the oil in my 09 DR about a week ago and I have only rode it a couple of blocks since replacing the oil when I read about car engine oils having friction modifiers in them. I went and looked at the engine oil that I used Quaker State 10W and they use friction modifiers in their oil. Is my clutch now ruined? I have only rode it a couple of blocks and didnt notice anything at the time What other oil can I use Please tell me what oils you guys are using in your DR's and WIll i just be able to drain the oil again and put some other oil in?

    What about the filter? KneeKickerNov 18, Joined: Jul 26, Oddometer: 2, Location: Indiana. It's trashed just go ahead and start parting it out now in the Flea Market.

    Suzuki DR650 Overhaul Timelapse

    ADV Sponsors. OnedererNov 18, Joined: Aug 24, Oddometer: 1, Location: Somewhere. Repent evil doer, or ye shall suffer the wrath of the oil thread! NJ-BrettNov 18, In other bikes I have had, the car oil did not hurt the clutch any. But air cooled motorcycles with shared clutches and transmissions call for different oil then water cooled car motors do, so I run motorcycle oil.

    Most auto parts places stock motorcycle oil, as do bike shops, or you can buy a case on line. You can get cheap dino oil, or expensive synthetic.

    dr650 transmission rebuild

    I like synthetic in air cooled motors, and you can run it longer to make up for the extra cost. If you clutch does not slip under load, you are ok.

    If it does, change the oil out. If it does slip, it will likely be fine if you change out the oil and don't allow excessive clutch slip to burn the plates up. Worst case you need to pull the plates and wash the oil off.

    AZ-TwinNov 18, ShadyRascalNov 18, Look on the back of the oil can. There is a circular label with writing on it.Just like changing the oil in your bikes transmission or your pick-up truck, your bikes suspension needs regular fresh oil and wear parts replaced.

    If you ever wondered why you need to add more compression and rebound damping to your shock over time its because the piston band and o-rings wear. This allows oil to bypass the piston, that oil is no longer passing through the valving stack; the result: Damping control is lost.

    Other items such as guide bushings, o-rings, dust and oil seals will also wear over time; these parts should be replaced to keep your suspension working in optimal condition. As oil breaks down its lubrication properties begin to go away. With a lack of lubrication your suspension components are wearing out. The oil in your suspension begins to break down, the performance you once had is beginning to go away.

    Your oil has broken down, parts are wearing.

    good stuff about the SUZUKI DR650

    The damping control is noticeable changed from fresh suspension. Your oil has broken down, it is no longer providing the necessary lubrication to friction surfaces. Parts are worn; you are now at risk of causing damage to the inside of the shock body, fork cartridge rods etc. We are hiring at our Leesburg, Florida location! Page Menu. Why Rebuild Your Suspension?

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    What does this mean? Why Use F. For more information go to: www.RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U. Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla. You'll also hear about special offers and events!

    How it works:. Sign in or create an account to earn ZillaCash on your next purchase with us. Redeem your ZillaCash Rewards on a future order with us! See our customer service page for more details. Universal Fit Parts can be installed on various motorcycles and may require modification. Exact Fit Parts are designed specifically for your bike. Navigation Menu. Wish List. Please reference our International Shipping Policy for details.

    International Shipping Policy. Self-Service Returns. Doesn't fit?

    2015 Suzuki DR650SE Parts & Accessories

    Don't love it? Return any unused item within 30 days for a full refund. Start a Return Read our full Return Policy. Lowest Price, Guaranteed. Found it for less? Submit a Price Match. See what our customers are saying about us: Customer Reviews.

    Zilla Cash Rewards Program. How it works: 1. JavaScript Disabled. If you continue, you consent to all cookies on RevZilla. Read More X. Fitment Universal Fit parts can be installed on various motorcycles and may require modification. Exact Fit parts are designed specifically for your bike. Filter 0. Clear All Apply. Garage Select a Saved Bike.Being able to pull up the front tire can be helpful when trying to negotiate an obstacle such as a log or rock.

    It's also just a lot of fun. Quickly pull the clutch in and let it out in one fluid motion. You should only need to pull in the clutch a little bit and not all the way to the grip.

    This is of course easier with lower gearing, lower tire pressure and bikes with performance upgrades. If you want to go right, turn the front wheel to the left and use the bottom of the front wheel to pull you to the side. Make sure that the overflow tube isn't full of fuel after dumping bike Key OFF hold the decompression lever in hold the throttle wide open to clear the passage kick kickstart several times release decompression lever and throttle Key ON try to start bike as you normally would.

    The carburetor overflow tube has a tendency to fill up with fuel if bike is dumped on right side. There is a potential significant problem with some and early DRs prior to vin X These bikes had a solid starter idler gear that can break out of the gear bearing bosses when the engine kicked back during shutdown.

    This will break out of the left case half, destroying it. Should this catastrophic event occur, you will have a very costly repair on your hand. If you have a DR that hasn't been updated, you can switch to a torque limiter gear that's designed to slip.

    Divi mobile menu full width

    DRs after vin X went back to the pre design. Please feel free to link to this site so that others can find it. It's easy to link to this site, just copy one of the texts below onto your web page:. Zen's DRDiscussion in ' Thumpers ' started by rchMar 14, Log in or Join.

    Adventure Rider.

    Kivy columns

    Removing the clutch allowed me to see the issue. The output shaft bearing is toast. There were small pieces of it in the bottom of the cases. So far, I have not found any other signs of damage. The PO said he shut down the bike soon after hearing the noises, thankfully! I have taken down the engine as far as I can without a rotor removal tool which I ordered from ProCycle. I can't see if there are any issues with gears yet but I thought I'd come here and ask a few questions: 1.

    Since I am splitting the cases, should I just replace all the bearings and seals, or only what I need? What do I use to clean the components with, like the clutch plates, to ensure I get rid of all the metallic soaked oil?

    Should I use something different for the cases than I do the valve cover? Should I replace all the screws like the ones holding the neutral safety switch with stainless allen bolts? A few of them I will have to replace. Blue loctite?

    How to make a block generator with command blocks

    How far should I take the rebuild since I have the entire motor apart? What should I know that I don't? Where's the best place to buy parts? I will post up some pics in a few and will continue to take them along the way for anyone interested in killing time looking at them!

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    Joined: Nov 19, Oddometer: 6, Location: N. Also how many miles on the engine? I usually use varsol to clean up the cases and parts I never use loctite on case screws but some people do I do use loctite inside on such things as the shift support mechanisms and anything that holds a moving working part in place What do you know? ADV Sponsors.


    Dr650 transmission rebuild

    A lot of guys love them, a few hate them. Here are the good points, bad points, and needed mods. In a nutshell, the DRSE is an extremely cheap reliable dual-purpose bike that has had almost no changes since its release in Given its age, it is heavy, the suspension is very old-fashioned and it is not a fast bike, yet part of the reason for its popularity and lack of updates is the original design works so well for certain riding styles.

    Torque, torque and more torque - The DR was never designed to rev. It put outs heaps of low end power and very respectable mid-range power.

    Paranormal di ganggu sewaktu

    This is ideal for most styles of riding that don't involve a lot of speed. DR reliability - heavy and old-fashioned, but built to last. The DRSE is famous for needing little apart from infrequent oil changes to last for years with minimal maintenance. There are a few minor issues see the section below but this is a short list compared to most bikes. Handling and versatility of the DRSE - the suspension is too soft for true dirt riding, but nonetheless the DR is set up very well for handling road, adventure and easy trail riding.

    It's closest competitor, the Kawasaki KLR is more comfortable on the highway, but lacks the do-everything nature of the DR Fuel range and economy - the tank is surprisingly small given how often the DR is used as an adventure bike, but the economical engine normally goes to km or miles before hitting reserve with easy riding. Cheap - price-wise the only competitor is the KLR If budget is important then it is hard to go past the DR as a dual purpose bike in the range.

    Seat height and ergonomics : An advantage of the older design is the DR doesn't sit as high as many modern bikes, so suits shorter riders easily. If you still find the DR too high, there is an alternative bolt hole for the rear suspension to lower the bike further, then just slip the front forks a bit in your triple clamps to suit. However, the DR starts to get cramped for riders over six feet or cm height suggested mods below. You can view our Youtube video of common DR mods here.

    As anyone knows, every single model of bike has issues, no matter how hard the manufacturer works to fix known issues. This is a fairly comprehensive list, but far shorter than most bikes would have, so don't let it discourage you from considering the DR We just want you to be fully aware of the main potential issues. Weight : At a kg dry the DR is no feather weight compared to true dirt bikes, but it is at the light end of bikes suited for adventure riding.

    Cheap weight reduction tips are remove the rear footpegs and helmet lock, rear handholds, steel mounts for the headlight, fit lighter mirrors and replace the heavy preload spacers in the fork forks with alloy spacers or PVC tubing. Then you need to start forking out cash for an aftermarket pipe or try the GSXR modreplace the rear mudguard extension with a lighter one, buy an aftermarket headlight, and replace the steel tank with a plastic one.

    More tips here. Countershaft sprocket seal can pop out- Not a common problem, but has happened to some riders and ruined their engines. It wan't until the models that Suzuki finally put these on the DR as standard!

    Flimsy handlebars : The stock bars are known for bending or breaking the first time the bike goes down. Replace immediately with decent aftermarket bars. Taller riders may want to get bars with a high bend. Neutral sending unit NSU - This is a sensor within the engine that lights the "Neutral" indicator on the dash. It is held in place by two screws. If your neutral light stops working, find out why before going any further! I'd recommend checking these bolts the moment you buy your bike, then either Loctite or wire those bolts so they can't work loose.

    Click here for one of the best step-by-step guides out there for checking and fixing this potential problem. Fuel filter - there is a tiny white plastic filter inserted into the metal fuel tube going into the carburetor.

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    Very easy to fix when it happens, just pull this filter out and blow the gunk out.The clutch pack for the DR is a wet clutch and is lubricated by the same engine oil that lubricates the engine and transmission.

    Because of this it is important that you don't use regular car engine oil in your DR as this will cause your clutch to slip. When it does slip, its time to change the oil to a proper wet clutch oil and change out the clutch pack. Maybe it's also time for an upgrade. Superseded by D01 D00 t Barnett aftermarket clutches are a nice upgrade for the DR You will need figure out which plates you need and purchase the appropriate number of each.

    If you are replacing your steel plates, you can also get Barnett plates as a matching set. Barnett Clutches. Barnett Spring Kit Anti-swell, alloy impregnated heavy duty cork based facings provide smooth clutch take up and allow modulation, unlike paper clutches which tend to snatch. Cork based replacement clutch exactly the same as used on the street series CK clutch plates described above. A general all purpose replacement unit. EBC only sell complete kits as replacing single plates is deemed unwise.

    The object is to reset the clutch to its original stack height and just replacing one plate will not achieve that and promote clutch slip. Many off road clutches use aluminum separator plates which wear quickly and muddy the oil. If this has happened in your engine, flush the drive case, change the oil and rebuild the clutch with a complete DRC kit which includes STEEL separator plates that not only prevent wear but increase flywheel effect of the engine and improve performance.

    Please feel free to link to this site so that others can find it. It's easy to link to this site, just copy one of the texts below onto your web page:. Zen's DRThe DRSE engine has an outstanding reputation for long, trouble-free service life. Of course, it should go without saying that proper maintenance is the key to that longevity, and Suzuki's engineers have made your life easy in that regard. The DR is a remarkably friendly bike to work on, generally.

    It's also a well designed, low-stressed engine, with an excellent lubrication system. We don't want to scare you off but even the best engineered mechanical devices can have issues in assembly and design. The DR is no exception. Suzuki did a great job with the DR but over the years certain items have surfaced in a repeating pattern. We will cover those items and let you know what years the issues affect below.

    Note: Starting in year model Suzuki has started using threadlocker on these screws! Better late than never right? Suzuki has recently started installing a countershaft seal retainer on their later model DR machines to address this known issue.

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Nothing's perfect, though Loosen them when the engine is at full operating temperature! If you are planning on doing a valve adjustment crack the plug loose the night before. It is held in place by two screws. There are very rare instances where these screws have backed out and fallen into the engine.

    I'm sure everyone can imagine the carnage if one of those screws managed to bounce between a connecting rod and a crankshaft lobe at rpm. Now throw in the image of hot oil spilling out of your engine all over the rear tire at 70 mph as the engine locks up.

    Not pleasant. Clearly, this is a worst-case scenario, but you get the idea. The extremely rare cases where these screws fall out seem to happen to higher mileage bikes, but that's certainly no guarantee. There is one possible warning sign. The fix requires removing the engine cover, appling threadlock and re-tightening the screws.

    Some prefer to remove the sensor entirely. Crisis averted A magnetic oil drain bolt may go a long way to catching a stray screw before it has a chance to cause more significant damage.

    dr650 transmission rebuild

    Some chose to replace with NSU screws with 5mm x 20mm hex head bolts to engage a few more threads and 5mm serrated lock washers. Primary Reduction Gear Crank Nut: There have been a number of documented cases of the primary gear retaining nut coming loose and backing off. While you have the clutch cover off it would be a good idea to check this nut for proper torque MontanaHouston at Saint Louis.

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    dr650 transmission rebuild

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    Used, second-hand Suzuki parts.

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    Suzuki DR650SE Service Manual

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    dr650 transmission rebuild

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    The itinerary was easy to follow and very helpful. Everyone was super nice and accommodating when I had questions or issues. It was a very pleasant trip and I would do it again in a heart beat. We love Larus at Nordic Visitor. He secured the perfect hotels and rooms for our family, and created an itinerary that perfectly suited our adventure-loving family.

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